Special high strength bolt

Special high strength bolt1 Special high strength bolt 2

The screws whose strength category is 8.8 or above are generally called high strength screws. (tensile strength 800N/m2)

See the description below for the strength category.

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When combining with a used nut, the bolt strength category is also very important. Please exercise caution. See the page above for the detail.

High strength screws are often used for automobiles, hydraulic machines, industrial machinery and jigs/tools.

Using the same sizes and materials of screws as much as possible ensures ease of assembly and maintenance. Use of high-strength screws allows you to secure the required strength with fewer bolts, including .used bolts. As a result, the weight is reduced and efficiency of maintenance works improves.

It is usually constituted of Chromium molybdenum steel, and the strength is enhanced by heat and surface treatment. It features approx. 3 times more tensile strength as that of ferrous materials of the same size. Please consult us for further details.

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