Screw locking

Screw locking1 Screw locking2


There are various types and methods for screw locking.
We support each individual specification, but 3 types are described as examples below.
Please inquire and consult us for further details.

1. Application of threadlocking adhesives

We receive orders for locking process using threadlocking adhesives.
There are many types. Please consult us.

2. Incorporation of bolts into the combination washers

We provide services incorporating combination washers which have larger slopes than the lead angle of screws and prevent looseness with cams of the two washers.
Since they are incorporated, they do not fall, and this improves workability.

3. Perforation at the head for wire locks

We conduct perforating processes for wire locks for preventing rotation.
Please consult us.


Please feel free to contact us for anything about screws.